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The 9 Sales Types

At Sales Type we work with an online personality indicator called HPEI that is (unlike many other models) both verified and mathematically validated. Please note that the descriptions below are only brief and not meant to 'label' people as there is much, much more to these types. Having said that; do you recognise yourself?

sales type 1, the improver

The type 1 based sales person is concerned about integrity, getting it right and has a strong inner critic saying; "not good enough". Focus is on delivering perfect quality.

A dutiful doer, that likes structure and routines. Idealistic, principled, self-controlled and perfectionistic. A quality of zooming in on problems and solutions quickly. Good in action, an eye for details and punctual with follow ups. Delivers more than asked, goes the extra mile. Biggest fear: to not be good, to be bad at work.

The external blind spot behavior: May come across as rigid and too impersonal or too distanced. An overly critical body language and too much focus on “ought to” or “should be” could be risks in report building.

Unspoken sales image: "Quality and details are key. I know what's best for customers".


Sales type 2, the helper

The type 2 based sales person is concerned about feeling emotionally connected and being service minded to customers. Focus is on having sincere interpersonal customer relations.

A dutiful heart type, that truly wants to know customers personally and also needs to be needed. Caring, strong, generous and upbeat. Able to quickly create rapport and to give prospects a sense of truly being seen. Good in networking and relation based selling. May be manipulative. Biggest fear: Prospect rejection equals to not be accepted as a friend.

The external blind spot behavior: May become a people pleaser 'forgetting' the sales job. May get stuck in rapport building, too afraid to brake the connection. Difficulty in saying 'no' to customer demands as well as in taking 'no' for an answer from customers (needy).

Unspoken sales image: "We will be friends and meeting the customer's needs is key ".


sales type 3, the performer

The type 3 based sales person is concerned about achieving goals and results, being effective and succeeding. Focus is on social standing and getting it done.

This is a self-confident, effective and structured heart type. Strong points are: ability to 'read the audience', create right image, confident in own skills, competent and focused on closing the sale and moving on to the next one. Professional image, charming and smooth. Biggest fear: to fail, to be worthless and to be seen as non-successful.

The external blind spot behavior: increased risk for 'over-shining' and over-selling to prospects. May come across as insincere. Moving too fast, 'forgetting' the customer's buying process or over-promising (whatever it takes). Risk for deceit, cutting corners.

This type's sales image: "I am the best. Remove buyer obstacles, whatever it takes."


sales type 4, the individualist

The type 4 based sales person is concerned about originality, being special and expressing emotions. Focus is on creative solutions with (and for) customers and depth in relations.

A sensitive, expressive, dramatic and temperamental heart type. Type 4’s strongest points are deep emotional customer connections, creativity, new thoughts and a tremendous capability of listening. Good in complex sales, stubborn in pursuing 'own path'. Biggest fear: to be seen by prospects as insignificant, a grey mouse, dull and uninteresting.

The external blind spot behavior: Can become a drama queen with unpredictable mood swings, wrongly interpreting customer reactions such as 'no buy' or service complaints as personal rejections. May overreact with feelings on logical issues in the sales process.

This type's sales image: "All business is personal. I am different, original and creative".


sales type 5, the analyst

The type 5 based sales person is concerned about knowing, being logical and preserving own energy. Focus is on delivering competent work as promised, on time and detailed.

This is a mental type, being perceptive, analytical, innovative and a slow, but deep learner. Strong points are, listening, noninvasiveness, objectiveness and depth in competence and expertise. Biggest fears: Being overwhelmed and: 'Not knowing how to', of being incapable and incompetent when dealing with prospects. 

The external blind spot behavior: May put off clients by getting stuck in too many "techy" details, losing the big picture and the value proposition. May feel uncomfortable and intrusive when prospecting. May be emotional out of tune with prospects.

This type's sales image: "Explaining details is the key. I understand and I am the expert".


sales type 6, the trooper

The type 6 based sales person is concerned about trustworthiness, loyalty, meaningfulness and 'having' support. Focus is on: psychological safety and removing possible threats.

This is a dutiful head type, paradoxical and sceptical. Often rational all-rounders, sincere approach, quickly gaining trust and rapport, explaining both opportunities and risks of services. High activity level, good in asking questions and trouble shooting. Need sales rhythm and 'solid ground'. Biggest fear: to be without guidance or support in sales process.

The external blind spot behavior: Risk for being too honest with explaining down sides services and getting stuck in rapport building or need analysis. Anticipating catastrophe, risks coming across as sceptical, yet reacts upset if clients are sceptical. Plays not to lose.

This type's sales image: "I sell on being trustworthy and honestly explain everything."


sales type 7, the enthusiast

The type 7 based sales person is concerned about freedom, being unrestrained and setting own goals. Focus is on: self-gratification, freedom to explore and new opportunities.

This is an energetic, optimistic head type, solution oriented and vision steered. Hard-wired to think positively and contagiously enthusiastic about their own company and products. Charming, imaginative and innovative thinkers that can drag along a doubtful client. Biggest fear: to be deprived, constrained and to have to dwell in boredom and negativity during sales.

The external blind spot behavior: Risk for being 'too much' and overwhelming prospects. Missing the empathy to ‘feel in’ and to adapt to the buyer’s pace and energy level. Lack of details. Sevens can be perceived as superficial, being too talkative, bored and not being good listeners. Risk for superficial needs analysis.

This type's sales image: "I will make them enthusiastic. Opportunities are everywhere!"


sales type 8, the challenger

The type 8 based sales person is concerned about being in control, feeling able, powerful and looking to take on a challenge. Focus is on thinking big and seeing it through.

An instinctive sales type with focus on strong action. Self-confident, willful and confrontational. Type 8’s strongest points are: being honest and candid, pitching to C-level people. Instinctively and quickly taking decisive action. Like challenges and strong in crises. Biggest fear: of being weak and vulnerable in front of prospects or customers.

The external blind spot behavior: too pushy. Increased risk for lack of empathy, coming out too forceful and intimidating, breaking emotional rapport. May move too fast, losing patience with customers who demand details or who need time to think and to compare.

This type's sales image: "I am strong and will make it big! Just do it. "


sales type 9, the mediator

The type 9 based sales person is concerned about keeping inner stability, peace of mind and harmony. Focus is on long term harmonic relations with customers.

Easygoing, holistic thinking, receptive, agreeable and low key, yet stubborn and with personal integrity. Strong points are rapport building and seeing the other’s point of view, making this type well equipped for deep understanding of client’s needs and finding solutions and creative ways of implementation. Biggest fear: separation from customers.

The external blind spot behavior: increased risk for not taking action when needed. May come across as unstructured, has notorious issues with "sticking to the game plan" and has a hard time saying 'no'.

This type's sales image: "Rapport building is the key. I will not sell, they will buy".