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7 Days 7 Months Sales Coaching Journey

7 Days in 7 Months Sales Coaching Journey

The 7 Days 7 Months sales coaching journey

A tool to actively develop and to retain the sales force

The journey offers sales coaching by identifying and developing the personal sales type for each member in the sales team, as well as the Sales Director’s style of leadership. The sales types are based on the psychological model The Enneagram.

The program starts with mapping each member of the team to one of the Enneagram’s personal sales types and merges this with the sales process and current challenges of the team. The personal Enneagram type has significant effect on the sales process where seller and buyer are strongly influenced by inner personal drivers, hidden motivations and unaware social behaviors. Unaware sales behaviors are deeply rooted and often "invisible" or "unaware" to the seller, yet very noticeable to the buyer.

the program includes:

  • 1 online Enneagram personality indicator and 1 online sales assessment survey
  • 7 working sessions divided by short team workshops and One-to-One sessions
  • Course materials such as compendiums (2), 'home work', images, presentations etc.
  • Post program data collections and impact reporting back to customer

People learn in 7 steps and it takes 23 moments of awareness to change a habit. The "7 Days in 7 Months program" is based on learning and repetition over time. Each participant will invest approximately 14 hours during the course of seven months divided in personal sessions and short workshops.

What's in it for you?

The program is designed to: 1) fit into your hectic day to day schedule, 2) last over a longer period facilitating integration over time, 3) merge with real sales cases and 4) come in a way meaningful to you. It has advantages for both sales people and sales leaders. 

By gaining insight to your own sales type, you will increase the odds for success irrespective of the type of buyer you meet. The program will focus on where in the sales process you naturally run the highest risk for losing customer rapport, trust or business opportunities due to unaware limiting personal sales habits and will provide you with the tools to change these habits.

For sales people

  • Awareness in how your prospects perceive you
  • Tools to change dysfunctional sales habits
  • Loose fewer deals to unaware 'auto-pilot' behavior
  • Become a more balanced sales person, systematically experiencing higher rapport and higher performance
  • Better understanding of your colleagues and sales leaders
  • And much more...

For sales leaders

  • A higher performing team (and a better thriving one)
  • Natural focus points and tools for sales coaching of the team based on psychological profiles and sales challenges
  • Increased communication skills and emotional intelligence for internal optimizing team collaboration
  • Tool recruitment specific sales types & for sales-onboarding
  • And more...
Working with Sales Type has definitely made us a better performing sales team. We have all developed and grown and I can strongly recommend the 7 Days 7 Months sales coaching journey.
— Johan Friis, Co-founder Zimpler