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What is blocking your sales team from maximum performance?

With help from a psychological model with specific Sales Types, we help your sales teams remove it’s blockers from reaching full sales potential. As a sales manager you will know your sales force in depth and you can more effectively coach, manage and lead your sales teams. As a sales person you will know how to mitigate your Blind Spot and unaware destructive sales patterns and increase your performance. For your company, you will be enabled to better Recruit, Develop and Retain high performers.

We screen, assess and work with your sales teams and we work in the following 3 categories. 1. The Sales Types. We work with deep psychological profiles of sales people, the Sales Types, optimising each and every salesperson’s sales performance based on their specific unaware sales patterns and blind spots. 2. Sales trainings. Preparation, approach, skills and structure. Sales is both a science and an art and we help with optimising structure and skills in your organisation. 3. Interim Sales Director and change management. We can assist operatively and temporarily drive a sales team, set or change the sales organisation, inject sales skills, optimise performance and transfer to your organisation.

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From the Sales Types Series, Sales Type 8, The Challenger. All Sales Types here.

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psychological assessments sales people

We optimizes your sales force based on specific psychological profiles of sales people, the Sales Types. Among other, we map out your sales people’s blind spots and where in the sales process they run an increased risk for losing business, as well as what to do about it. Discover what truly motivates your sales people and what meaningful development means to them. It gives sales leaders concrete starting points for individual sales coaching and optimized team collaboration.

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sales trainings

Screen and assessment of your sales team’s structure and performance, as well as your sales people’s sales behaviour and skills. Know what to improve and how. Trainings range from “old fashioned” prospecting to effective meetings and “the art of closing” and these can be ordered from one-off workshops, motivational speaking sessions to larger programs.

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interim sales director

If you need to change your sales organisation, both the way the teams work as well as its staffing or if you temporarily need to fill the Sales Director role, we have the relevant experience to help you out. We can be of value in the whole spectrum of Replace, Develop and Retain of top performers.

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Working with The Sales Types has definitely made us a better performing sales team. We all have developed and grown and I can strongly recommend the Sales Types program.
— Johan Friis, Co-founder Zimpler


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