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Sales Type Insight offers help with the main bottlenecks within sales, ranging from overal Sales Strategy and sales structure, to "How to's" within sales. All work is integrated with the participants psychological Sales Type profiles, which increases the effectives of sales coaching, leading to structural and lasting higher performance.


services and offerings:

  • Mentor programme for sales leadership and sales people

  • Workshops sales strategy and sales coaching
  • 3-Days optimized team collaboration based on the sales types



We help you with overcoming every day challenges in sales and/or how to coach your sales team. We offer support for fine tuning the sales process as well as individual sales techniques and with guiding you based on your psychological Sales Type profile.

A tool to optimize your individual performance, enhance working satisfaction and to develop and to retain happy and successful sales people.


3-Days optimized Team collaboration

What are the costs for good sales people leaving the company early? What would it be worth to, in an early stage, detect possible red flags and to be able to effectively combat personnel churn?

This 3-step team optimization includes individual profile analyses of all the sales team members as well as two joint workshops. The goal is to optimize team performance via increased self-awareness, deeper understanding of team members Sales Types and fun and practical tools for together working better towards buyers (buying types).

A tool to optimize your team performance, enhance working satisfaction and to retain a happy and successful sales core.


Workshops sales strategy, structure and coaching

Workshops adapted to your needs, covering the basics examples below, but is not limited to:

  • Your sales strategy
  • Your business case(s)
  • Structure, methodology and sales filosophy
  • Common obstacles and ways forward
  • Adaptations taylor made to your needs

A tool to energize and optimize your team performance, get new insights and to engage all team members.


the 7-days 7 months sales coaching journey

A journey aimed at sales teams and sales leadership over a period of 7 months. A tool to actively develop and to retain the sales force and to structurally increase performance

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screening with recruitment

What are the costs for a wrong recruitment? What would it be worth to your company to pin-point the right kind of sales type(s) for your team(s), services and company?

(1) Base package screening  recruitment includes;

  • Helping you with constructing the job profile to be sent out to recruitment companies, based on the sales type needed for the job.
  • Final screening of candidates based on the psychological sales types. This analysis will be matched with job profile requirements.

A quickly implemented and highly effective tool to detect risks for wrong recruitment.


(2) The Extended package has a holistic approach, starting with an analysis of the existing team and sales leadership. This provides an overview of the aggregated teams strengths and weaknesses from a psychological sales types point of view.

New recruitments will be matched to either fit into the current team and leadership's culture or to add new qualities that are lacking. The Extended package increases the odds for the best possible recruitment and for optimized team performance.

A tool to not to just detect risks for wrong recruitment, but also to detect current sales team imbalances and to recruit the best sales people based on current needs.


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Maurice helped us with our sales team and with getting clarity on our sales strategy. Working with the Enneagram sales types has helped us in our understanding of how we sell and how to optimize our team work in sales. I can warmly recommend Maurice and his services.
— Anders Börde, CEO MOBLRN