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Introduction Sales Types (Swedish)

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Sales Type optimizes your sales force based on specific psychological profiles of sales people, the Sales Types

One major bottleneck many companies face these days, is the combined challenge of attracting, developing and retaining the right sales people. Sales Type helps your company in the whole spectrum Recruit, Develop, Retain. Among other:

  • We pinpoint where in the sales process your sales people, run an increased risk for losing business and what to do about it.

  • We map out your sales people’s blind spots and their core drivers.

  • Discover what truly motivates your sales people and what meaningful development means to them?

  • It also gives sales leaders concrete starting points for individual sales coaching and optimized team collaboration.

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about me

After I personally experienced the power of the Sales Types and its positive effects on my own performances, both as a sales rep and as a Sales Director, I realised its enormous business potential for others as well. I became a certified trainer and have worked with the model since 2015. 

My name is Maurice Jenkens and I have been working with (international-) sales since 2001, both with new sales as well as KAM. Also, I have worked as a Sales & Marketing Director with responsibilities for strategy, new sales and business development.


The sales types

Are you a Challenger? A Helper or an Enthusiast?

The Sales Types show behavioral patterns deeply rooted in your core and explain why you think, do, feel, prepare and sell the way you do. They explain how you are being perceived by your prospects and they can pin point where you run increased risks for losing prospects and clients and what your "default behavior" will be under stress or in challenging situations.

There are 9 fundamental sales types, each having 3 sub-types, which makes 27 sub-types in total. Each fundamental type has its own inner auto-pilot and external blind spot behavior.

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offerings and services

 From recruiting and developing to retaining

Based on the psychological profiles of sales types, we increase recruiting effectiveness, optimize sales teams and give depth and lasting meaningfulness to development of sales people. This to attract, develop and retain the best sales people.

During The Sales Types Programme, we are able to in an early stage detect possible red flags, facilitating highly performing sales people to stay longer. All the services at every stage (Recruit, Develop, Retain) are meant to give depth and lasting development. And more happy sales! 

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"Working with The Sales types has definitely made us a better performing sales team. We have all developed and grown and I can strongly recommend the Sales Types programe. ”

— Johan Friis, Co-founder Zimpler


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